Tuesday, April 19, 2011

North Carolina

I just returned from a long weekend in North Carolina with 3 other friends. We stayed at Judy's home in Hendersonville, NC. The house is for sale as Judy & her husband have moved back to Charleston, but it makes a good base of operations until it sells.

Spring is just getting to that area and the dogwoods were beautiful. This pretty pink dogwood is in Judy's front yard. (click photos for larger view)

And a look down her street. Interestingly when we arrived on Friday afternoon there were beekeepers working in the front yard of this neighbor's home.

We did some quilt shop hopping but also visited the North Carolina Arboretum and the Folk Art Center in Asheville.

The folk art center didn't permit photos. It was filled with wonderful crafts ranging from tiny hand made baskets to beautifully crafted large pieces of furniture. I fell in love with a couple of stained glass pieces and it took a lot to resist bringing them home with me.

The Arboretum had lots of stuff in bloom, but I expect it will be even better in a few weeks. The butterflies enjoyed the blooms as much as we did.

I enjoyed the ironwork around the grounds.

One of the buildings had an exhibit of paper art and a bunch of art dolls in the style of elinor peace bailey. I'll have photos from those exhibits in my next post.

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