Monday, June 27, 2011

She knows what she likes

The other day when the kids were here Hayden decided to pick out some quilts to put on the walls in "her" room.  We went through the pile of wall quilts waiting to find a home.  It was very interesting to watch her reactions.  She never hesitated and gave a yes or a no immediately. 

Over her bed is a quilt I made in a class with Miriam Nathan-Roberts at Asilomar.  In the class we selected a traditional block and used it in 3 different sizes.  It's called Asilomar Pinwheels. (click photos for larger view)

Hayden picked where the quilts were hung and I'm going to have to move this basket quilt.  This quilt was made for our guild's 25th anniversary challenge.  The symbol of the guild is a basket and we were supposed to make any kind of basket.

This quilt was made from a kit and was supposed to just be a circle.  I didn't want to make it exactly like the pattern so I changed it a bit.  (yes, that's a Christmas bell pull hanging next to that quilt.  She found it in a box and just had to have it to decorate her room.  She kept trying to hang it on her bed but it wouldn't stay so it ended up on the wall)

The village quilt was made in a class with Karen Eckmaier.  It was fun to do.

We haven't gotten around to putting blinds in the windows yet and the previous owners didn't leave the curtains. I hate the shades, but they keep the sun and heat out until we get what we want.

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norma said...

Well, doesn't she have good taste?! Maybe she'll grow up to be a quilter like grandma.