Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wall of Shame

My friend Dotty has put all of her UFOs on her design wall and dubbed it her Wall of Shame. I liked that title so much that I decided I should use it too.   I'm just getting my design wall (of shame) back up at the new house and put a few of my UFOs on it. (click photos for larger view)   The daffodil quilt is so close to being done that I'm ashamed of myself for letting it go this long.  It's even partially quilted.  I pieced it a couple of years ago at our guild's annual Beach Retreat. 

Under the daffodils is a circle quilt that was featured in a Bernina magazine.  It needs a bunch of circle embellishment and then quilting.  I used my circle attachment for this and it was fun to use.   In the middle is my class project from the Carol Taylor class I took at Mid Atlantic Quilt Fest in February.  The big butterfly was started in a class with Marilyn Wall.   The sun face on the bottom right was from a class with Susan Carlson at Asilomar a couple of years ago.

 I've been trying to bring some order to my new sewing space but am not having much success.   The space is the lower floor of our house.   There is a rec room where I will set up my machines.  One of the 2 bedrooms on that floor will hold my books, notions, and assorted stuff.

The 2nd bedroom has fabric.  Right now most of the fabric is in boxes.  I want to set up some sort of bin/drawer system but haven't quite figured it out.

My sewing tables are still covered with a bunch of crap.  There was some sewing I wanted to do, so I just shoved the stuff out of the way.

There is still a bunch of non-sewing related stuff sitting around on this level.  We're still figuring out where some things go.

This is the wet bar area on the lower level which I eventually hope to be able to use for some dyeing projects.  For some reason Jerry thinks he should actually be able to put bar related stuff in the area.  Wonder where he got that idea!


Judy Heyward said...

Lookin'Good, Corky! You have some pretty nice looking unfinished projects going on (did I see a little monochromtic thing going on in the corner?). It looks as if you are going to have a really great space to work in once the "fun" part of moving is finished.

Jennifer said...

Moving is a pain - but I think your space will be wonderful when you get it set up - can't wait to see the finished projects from the "wall of shame."