Monday, December 05, 2011

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I haven't been posting much at all since I don't really have anything exciting to post about.  I haven't been sewing with any regularity.  I have a big project that I need to work on - a challenge that is due soon - but it's nowhere near completion.   I need to get back to the sewing machine soon.

I had a couple of things I wanted to embroider, but my embroidery attachment is on the fritz.  The best repair person for the Bernina machines is in Myrtle Beach - about 1.5 - 2 hours from here.  I finally took it up there a week or two ago and the verdict is that there is something wrong with the touch screen.  It's supposed to be about a $200 repair.  I had hoped that it would either be super expensive to repair or not repairable at all so I could consider a new machine!  

Last weekend we went down to Savannah for the Savannah River Bridge Run.  Jerry has been running the 10K portion of this race for the last several years.  The race requires the runners to run over the bridge to Hutchinson Island and then back again to downtown Savannah. 

We go down with our friends John & June and John runs the race as well.  June and I usually stand on the sidelines and cheer them on. 

 At last year's race June and I decided we'd do the 5K portion of the race this year - I was going to run/walk and June was going to walk.   The 5K portion starts on Hutchinson Island so we would only have to get over the bridge once.  At 6:30 Saturday morning we both decided we had made a rash decision!    June has been dealing with some foot and knee problems and shouldn't have even attempted it, but she was a trooper and made it the entire distance.   I had to walk up the bridge span but managed to run most of the remaining distance.  My time wasn't very good - 42 minutes but it was a beautiful morning and the view was great from atop the bridge.  I think next year I'll be watching from the sidelines again.

I'm taking a class this weekend on making fabric baskets, so maybe I'll have pictures to post!

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