Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We are in the midst of having our floors refinished.  It sure makes a mess!  The sanding has taken 3 days.  I think they will have another partial day of sanding before the stain can be applied.  This is what the floors looked like tonight.  Just bare wood.  The wood is yellow pine with big old knot holes.  I really don't like the knot holes.  It reminds me too much of 1950's basement paneling.  Especially when the poly on it had yellowed somewhat.

Besides, every once in a while I'd catch one of the knot holes out of the corner of my eye and would think it was a roach - one of those big 'ole palmetto bugs that are so disgusting here in the south.

This photo of the entry (which I snagged from the Real Estate listing back when we first bought the house) shows what the floors looked like before they were sanded.

The new stain will be a darker color - more of a cherry but of course putting it down on the pine floor means it won't look quite like real cherry floors.  Sure hope it won't be too dark!

So, while they've been working on the floors I've been hiding out in my studio.  Since I have to stay home I decided to make use of my time.  Yesterday I cut out a one-block wonder quilt.  I sewed up a number of the blocks and threw them up on the design wall.

It's always fun to play with one block wonder blocks.  I have quite a few left to sew, but since I'll be tied to the house for the rest of the week, maybe I'll get them all sewn.  Then I'll have to play around with layout.

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