Wednesday, February 15, 2012


As hard is as it for me to believe I turned 60 recently!  How in the world did that happen?

I was the youngest of 3 - the only girl.  I was always jealous of my brother Claude because he inherited our dad's blond hair and blue eyes.  Ed and I took after our mother.  I had those cute curls for a while but later my hair went pretty straight.

My closest friends were the other girls living within a few houses of mine.  Liz was born only a month after me and we seemed to do everything together.  This is me (on the left) and Liz (on the right) 

There's Liz again on the left (with the hat) watching me blow out the candles.  Aren't those drapes just the best?  I remember they had some vivid colors!

My mother used to give me those horrible home perms - which I suspect is the culprit here

Here we are on the 1st day of school.  I'm the 2nd from the left and there is Liz next to me in the middle. 

I was an awkward kid.  I first got glasses when I was in 5th grade.  They were not the best look for me.   That's Liz again with me in the photo. 

This was my first communion dress (for the Episcopal church - I suspect the blue jacket and sash would not have been allowed in the catholic church) 

My mother had a big thing about not wearing glasses in photos so she had me take mine off for this photo.  It was about a year later that I got my first pair of contact lenses.  I haven't worn glasses since.   

And of course we had to have a photo with Liz in it!  Guess my mother let me keep my glasses on in this one. 

I hear many people about my age talk about how they feel like 60 is much younger today than it was when we were kids.  I wonder if our parents said the same.  I don't feel like I think 60 should feel, except for my knees - they act like they're 160!

To my dear friend Liz, Happy 60!

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