Tuesday, March 06, 2012

More on the quilt show

This was one of my other quilts in the show.  The pattern is called Monterrey Medallions.  There were several quilts in the show made from the same pattern and it was fun to see how the different color choices changed the look of the quilt. (click photos for larger view)

I also entered this Wonky Log Cabin quilt from a pattern in the book Blendable Curves by Peggy Barkle.

Lynn Gettelfinger made this cool version of the map of the Charleston area.  She said that she used an actual sized map for her pattern and everyone was amazed at how accurate she was with all the creeks, etc.

This quilt by Rosalind Hunt and quilted by Linda Barrett won Viewer's Choice.

A small little piece by Jennifer Ley.  This one has cool beading, but the photo doesn't show it very well.

Charles Towne Landing Fence is by Tommie Burwell. 

Jeanne Pedersen did a great job replicating her photo

Another quilt by Jennifer Ley

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