Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dormer addition in my studio

The dormer addition is about to happen. The framers were supposed to arrive today, but postponed late last night. I think we'll see them on Friday.

The dormer will be over the garage door. Here's a before photo. (note the garbage can isn't usually sitting there!) If you look closely over near the garage roof peak, you'll see a corner of the existing window in the room. It's up so high that I can't see out of it.

This is a view of where the dormer will be from the inside. Jerry has already torn out the drywall and the carpet.

See how high the existing window is? (that's a 9 foot ceiling in the middle)

My sewing junk has temporarily taken over other rooms in the house!

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KK said...

Sure hope your work goes more quickly than mine. I know you will enjoy all the extra light when it is finished. Pretty house.