Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yard of the Month?

Every month the garden club in our subdivision selects a yard of the month. In the past I've often told Jerry that he deserves the honor because he works really hard making our yard lovely. (I refuse to do yard work.) We always have some pretty flowers blooming (even in the winter when he plants weather hardy pansies) On the last day of August, during a break in several days of rain, Jerry set out to mow the lawn. He joked he was going to get that yard of the month by mowing the lawn the day the committee goes through the subdivision to make its selection.

Well, he won't tell me exactly what happened that day he was out mowing the lawn, but before he was even done he walked into the house and proclaimed that he was going to steal the sign for the labor day holiday weekend. He hopped in the car, drove to the house that was August's yard of the month, took the sign out of their yard and planted it in our yard. He tried to convince me that he'd stolen the sign and the garden club would be coming to get it once the holiday was over. He knows that we've been married for too long for me to fall for that, but he's still trying to make me believe it. Here it is 20 days later and the sign is still in the yard!

The yard actually doesn't look as good this month as it has in past months, but I like to think he earned it for his body of work - kind of like how some people earn academy awards!

Of course now we have a dumpster in the drive in anticipation of the dormer addition which really brings down the beauty of the yard!


Vicki W said...

Very funny!

Teresa said...

Congrats! I got yard of the month in August too!