Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hey...I'm dyeing here!

I've been taking a basic cotton dyeing class on Quilt University. They post a lesson every week. I did lesson one on time, but didn't get to lessons 2 and 3 until yesterday. Since they posted lesson 4 late last night I just went ahead and did it too.

Lesson 2 was to create 3 half yard lengths of mottled fabrics in orange, green & purple.

Lesson 3 was to create a 5 step gradation. I wish I'd pick a different color-way. I was doing lessons 2 and 3 at the same time and didn't realize that the orange in lesson 2 was going to be the same as the darkest orange in the gradation.

Lesson 4 was to go around the color wheel. For some reason my yellow orange and orange pieces came out the same color. The oranges are causing me some problems!

It has been fun doing this dyeing, but it's a lot more work than I anticipated. The worst part of all of it is rinsing the fabrics until all the excess dye is gone. I need to find some way to make that step easier!


Vicki W said...

Your class samples are loking great. when you find a better way to rinse the fabric let me know!

KK said...

We really do have to do some of this stuff together!! The rinsing is the PITA part, for sure. I'm going to find my dyeing supplies as soon as the madness at the house is over (so maybe January??) Then we can play together.