Monday, October 01, 2007

Fractured Flower completed

(clickable for larger view)
I have finally completed my fractured flower quilt (here's where I first talked about it). Starting in the upper left and going clockwise my segments were made by Sandra Burket of Texas, Roberta Ranney of Missouri, Rhoda Forbes of British Columbia and Diane Becka of Washington.

The deadline to finish was today and I just put in the last stitch this morning. I wish I'd quilted with a different color thread. I had trouble finding the threads I wanted because of having my studio all packed up for the dormer addition.

After seeing how some of the others have completed their quilts, I'm feeling like mine is pretty ordinary. Once the photos are posted on the QuiltArt web site, I'll post a link so all of the quilts can be viewed.


Del said...

Corky, it is wonderful! I'm eager to see all of the quilts. Del

Dale Anne said...

I LOVE how you added the tiny little border around the 4 pieces!
I hope Tomme announces all the photos are up soon!!!

Lynn Douglass said...

Ordinary? I wouldn't use that word to describe your quilt at all! I love it! I also enjoyed taking a peek at your hand dyed fabrics. Very yummy!