Monday, February 11, 2008

Art for Quilters

I'm taking a Quilt University class called Art for Quilters. This is what I did for the first exercise which was supposed to be a still life. Jerry took my camera with him on his snowboarding trip so I had to just put this small composition on the printer & scan it as-is. I notice now that the vase is a little crooked. I haven't gotten any feedback from the teacher yet, but I'm hoping she'll be able to tell me how to improve the piece.


KK said...

Well, you've been so slow about posting I had read the previous one and hadn't checked back in a few days - now I find I've missed two posts. Really should subscribe to a feed, shouldn't I?

Love what you did - been staring at it trying to figure out what techniques you used.

Anonymous said...

This is my first time leaving a comment! I had to. Your flowers pretty much knocked my socks off. I browse through textile blogs trying to teach myself and work up the nerve to actually cut some fabric. Would love to be able to do flowers that look so natural in their own way.

Corky said...

Anonymous - I don't know if you'll check back here, but in case you do I wanted to tell you thanks. I also wanted you to know that these flowers were cut as-is out of a flowered piece of fabric! I didn't *do* anything to make them look natural! Pick up your scissors and cut - you won't be sorry.