Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A bit strange?

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. A week or so ago I called to confirm the time and date because I had it written on the calendar for one date and the reminder card they sent me had a different date.

I was gone all day today. When I got home I had two messages from the dentist's office about confirming the appointment. The first message which came in about 9:30 this morning said "I know you confirmed this appointment on Feb. 4th, but please call us again to confirm for tomorrow." The 2nd was at about 4:00 and again asked me to call to confirm and to leave a message on the machine if it was after hours. While looking through my caller ID to see if any other calls came in today I discovered that while the office left only two messages they actually called SEVEN times today. SEVEN! I almost feel like they're stalking me! Weird don't you think?

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Jen said...

That's beyond bizzare. My husband's dentist office confirms and re-confrims too. It's ridiculous. I think I'd be asking the dentist what was up with all the calls.

On the other hand, it's possible that as they were making calls they were getting innundated with calls into their office and since you didn't answer hung up and this went on and on. But 7 times???