Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Show quilts

Our guild's quilt show is March 1st and 2nd. I finally finished the bindings, sleeves and labels on my quilts for the show. I've learned that I need big time binding help. I don't know if I pull my binding too much or what, but my edges don't lay flat. I'm going to have to ask my expert quilting buddies for a binding tutorial.

Anyway, here are the 4 quilts I'm submitting. (click on photos for a larger view)

This is "Autumn Leaves" I started this quilt in a class with Judy Sisneros at Asilomar.

In order to get the texture on the tree, I used Judy's scrunch technique which involved lots of spray starch and a hot iron.

This is "South Carolina Palmetto" and is the result of a class I took with Judy Heyward.

"The Fellow in the Pinstriped Suit" was made from a panel I purchased from a vendor at our last quilt show. When auditioning the squiggly fabric for the inner border I discovered you could actually see it through the panel and liked the way it looked so left it like that.

This is Aussie Shadows. I really screwed up on the binding of this one. Karen Kendo quilted it for me and she said the edges were flat when she was done with it. I must have really stretched it out when finishing it.

Below is a detail of Karen's quilting.

If you're in the Charleston area the first weekend in March I hope you'll stop to see our show!


Jan said...

Oh my! I'm thankful I am not a judge at that show! Those are all beautiful!! You might look at Sharon Schamber's website on binding http://www.sharonschamber.com/free%20stuff/Free%20Stuff.htm HTH! Enjoy the show!!

Del said...

Nice work, Corky. I especially like the one with the Aussie fabrics - great selection.
I wish everyone would post their pictures so that a click brings a BIG enlargement. How do you do that? Del

Judy Heyward said...

What wonderful quilts, Corky! Bindings can be the pits, can't they? The one comment I would like to add is one I got from a class with Carol Taylor. Her position is that ALL art quilts should have a facing, not a binding, and I have heard this from other sources as well. I don't necessarily think that this is a hard and fast rule, but I do think that at least 2 of your quilts would look good with that approach--and I think the edge would be less wavy. Give it a try sometime and see what you think.

Sheila Moore said...

Corky, your quilts look great. Can't wait to see them hanging in the show. Sheila