Saturday, November 27, 2010

Catching up

I haven't had any good (or bad) photos to post lately so I've been neglecting my blog.

We spent Thanksgiving week with Jerry's sister, Annette, and family. They used to live in the SF Bay area but a year or so ago moved to the Ohio/West Virginia border. They have a beautiful home on wonderful grounds. They live in a really small town but do have access to a Big K-mart and a Wal-mart. I couldn't find any fabric stores near them so that area gets crossed off my list of potential home locations.

Annette & Allen have 2 daughters and also joining us was our other Ledbetter niece Niki (Jerry's brother's daughter) visiting from Southern California. Annette & Niki planned out a wonderful menu for Thanksgiving (I was the designated sous chef/dish washer!) They decided we'd graze the entire day. We started with appetizers before noon. An hour or so later was our soup & salad course.

Niki made a delicious butternut squash/roasted red pepper soup that she carefully plated for maximum impact.

We followed up with the traditional turkey a bit later and concluded the day with a late evening dessert session. All in all a wonderful day and pleasant week.

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SandyQuilts said...

I'm curious ... I live along Ohio/WV border .... where do they live?