Monday, July 23, 2012

Chalk Board

I keep making lists of my ongoing quilt projects to get a sense of what I should be concentrating on (and maybe to make me realize I don't NEED to start one more project!) but then I usually set the list aside and it gets misplaced.

I was thinking I needed a white board posted on the wall for my lists but just never got around to getting one.    Last week I walked past a display of chalkboard paint and decided that maybe that would work. 

It was easy to do.  First I taped off the area I wanted to paint (yes I taped all 4 sides)

Then, using a foam roller I painted 3 coats of the paint.  I probably didn't need to do 3, but I wanted to make sure it covered really well.

After removing the tape I found I only had a couple of mistakes

I read on-line that the board should be conditioned before use by rubbing chalk all over it and letting it sit for about 30 minutes before removing.  This is supposed to prevent ghosting.  It was interesting to see how the chalk highlighted some paint lines - lines that you don't see with the naked eye.

 I may wish I'd purchased the white board instead of painting the wall because I'm having the hardest time finding chalk!  I just want regular 'ole school chalk and can't find it anywhere.  I may have to search out a teacher supply store.   I stole a piece of Hayden's sidewalk chalk to prime the board.  Hope she doesn't notice.

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Vicki W said...

Oh what fun! I have seen chalk often in discount stores like dollar stores and Dollar General if you have some of those near you. School supplies will show up in the stores soon too.